Jesus wept.

I’ve always known that this was the shortest verse in the bible, but I think I’ve always glanced over it. Today, it jumped out at me. I know that Jesus was crying out to God before he was going to be taken away to be crucified, and I know that he was in great angst on the cross before he died. But this kind of emotion is different than I’ve ever read before.

I’m not a very sympathetic or empathetic person. It hasn’t always been that way; it started when I went into the service industry. I immediately became this greedy, cutthroat, strict business person – and I’ve stuck with that for a while. Death doesn’t bother me, but a sad movie gets me every time. Seeing Jesus weep over the death of someone and be touched by the heart-felt emotion of others was eye opening this morning. But why?

Who was this guy Lazarus that Jesus started weeping over? How long did he know him? Was it simply the others that cared so much that moved Jesus? Even without all of those questions answered, I can still learn something from this text. Jesus had a soft heart.

“…he was deeply moved in spirit and troubled.” John 11: 33b

His soft heart and sensitive spirit enabled him to comfort those mourning the death of Lazarus.

God, start to soften my heart. People give me a hard time about being insensitive and harsh, but I want to see and act out the emotional balance that Jesus had. He was keen and sharp yet had a very soft heart that was able to comfort those in need.

In Jesus’ name I pray,


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