Putting God First 5 Days A Week

Ever since I got married I’ve been getting up 20-30 minutes earlier every day to read God’s Word. Has it made situations with my boss easier at work, probably! Has it changed my life dramatically? I wouldn’t say that. But what it has done is give my wife and I (she gets up with me two-five days a week) a chance to dig in deep to God’s Word. We both have so much to learn and implement in our own lives and giving God a chance five days a week to speak into our lives is a great start.

Why isn’t it 7 days a week you ask? Well…I haven’t gotten there just yet. On Saturdays I sleep in, or I have something crazy going on, or I’m in a different city. Sundays I always go to church, when I’m in town, and I guess you could consider that putting God first as well. So I’m almost there!

Before I even started waking up to read the bible, I presumed that if I dedicated that much time every day that I would be a changed man. And in some ways I am, in others not so much. I think I just had higher expectations of my holiness and proximity to God than I currently am at. Why is that?

I guess I need to start sowing the seeds deeper and in better soil. In the parable of the sower it talks about sowing the seeds on the top of the soil and how the birds (the devil) will snatch up the seeds very easily. Well, my boss Jeff is the most prominent bird in my life, and talking bad about him and losing my peace with everything he says becomes very easy.

Let’s see what sowing the seed deeper will do to my life. Here’s to trying!