God Washes Away Your Past

This morning, as I was reading in Philippians 3, a few things really stuck out to me. The first came from this passage:

Philippians 3:7,8 “But whatever was to my profit I now consider loss for the sake of Christ. What is more, I consider everything a loss compared to the surpassing greatness of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whose sake I have lost all things.”

Before this passage, Paul was touting his accomplishments as a follower of the law, even referring to his walk as “faultless” (verse 6). But Paul explains how none of that matters now. Nothing about his own selfish ambition or his accomplishments in the past mean anything for him now, because God doesn’t care about any of that.

As Americans, we often are pressured to make as much money as possible so that we can buy more material goods and show them off to all our friends on Facebook. The “American Dream” has nothing to with Jesus, and everything to do with worldly goods and comfort. God is calling us to pursue Him, and that certainly takes us out of our comfort zones and most certainly doesn’t revolve around worldly treasures.

When God calls us to be followers of Jesus Christ he washes away our past. We become born again, right? So that means that all of our sins are washed away, but doesn’t that also mean that all of our accomplishments are washed away too? If we are new creations in Christ, doesn’t that mean that we are able to pursue God’s will with abandon? Yes is the answer I was hoping you were thinking of. God only cares about who you are in Christ and how you are fulfilling his will for your life as of TODAY – as of this very moment.  He doesn’t care about how much money you make or what G.P.A. you got in high school or college. God cares about who you are today and what you’re doing today to strengthen your relationship with him. He cares about nothing else.


Help me to continue to pursue you diligently. Soften my heart and let me be receptive to everything you are trying to teach me. Strengthen your Holy Spirit within me and let my eyes and ears be receptive to its directions. Let me forsake my past and pursue you only. Bring me and my wife along this journey to fulfilling your will for our lives. Bring us closer together and strengthen our relationship with you and with each other. God, speak into our lives and direct us in the ways you wish to lead us. In Jesus name I pray.


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