Using Australia To Increase My Faith

I mentioned the work holiday visa opportunity to Kassi before we were even engaged. I think it might have been before we even said “I love you”. Whoa. It’s funny to think about how crazy we were! I had this plan in my head to build up my resume at a job in America for 2 years and if nothing happened i.e. I didn’t get married, buy a dog, buy a house, etc., then I would move to Australia on the work holiday visa for a year. If I got married during that two years then I would try and convince my new wife to make it a year-long honeymoon in Australia.

We didn’t quite make it our honeymoon, but four months after Kassi and I got married we moved to Sydney. As we were gearing up for the move, which consisted of a big decision for Kassi not to pursue her internship after she graduated and a TON of saving, I started to change my motives for the move. It would still be centered around a fun trip with my wife, but also, I wanted it to be a time where I could recenter myself in God’s word.

Right after we got married I dedicated time almost every morning, Monday through Friday, towards reading God’s word. In that time God started to reveal to me more and more how he wanted to use my talents (Matthew 19:14-30). Day after day, I really started get an idea of how he wanted to do that. I had felt that God wanted to use my YouTube channel. I had felt that God could use it to reach a TON of people. I also felt that a daily word could go a long way in encouraging people to dedicate time towards God every morning. Especially a short video, not a big commitment, something short, like around 5 minutes.

So I quit my job after a while and immediately began filming these videos. Now I have about 15 of them up on my YouTube channel and the response has been fantastic. I am growing so much by producing this content for people and it has increased my faith tremendously.

But this morning as I was reading in James, I felt another little tug from God. James 2:17 says:

“In the same way, faith by itself, if not accompanied by action, is dead.”

So…I’m going to have to put my money where my mouth is. God doesn’t want me to JUST increase my faith while we’re here in Australia, but he wants me to do something about it. God wants me to not only proclaim what I have learned each morning, but he wants me to live it out every day. I feel like today marks the day that I am going to start noticing where I can be God’s hand extended while I’m here in Sydney.

It takes action to assign living memories of what we’ve learned in the bible. It’s always a challenge and it ALWAYS gets my heart racing, but acting out what God has laid on your heart is one of the best ways we can grow our relationship with him. It helps us listen to his voice!


Strengthen my Holy Spirit to be receptive of how I can be your hand extended in today’s world. Show me; open my eyes and ears to be receptive of your calling. Give me courage to walk out the actions that you have called me to do for you. In Jesus’ name I pray.


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