Gospel Posts

I got another idea right after I just wrote about Wingfield Sundays. What if we stationed Gospel posts around the city of Reno. Where people from all kinds of Jesus-centered religions could meet together at the gospel posts and fellowship. Any time of day, any time of night, people could go to the gospel post and read their bible. Other Jesus-loving people could meet at that post to fellowship, learn each other’s stories, and to get to know one another.

All you need to do is bring a camp chair and post up. People could plan bible studies at these posts and then random people could join in whenever they wanted.

What if this post was a giant metal cross made out of quarter inch 7.5″ cross-sectional square tubing? How powerful and intimidating would an assembly mark like that be? Too much? Debatable. How much would people try and graffiti them? Maybe we could make them out of raw mild steel so that it would rust over making it harder to draw on and easier to buff out?

Anyway, I think that a public symbol and meeting place for Jesus could be a great symbol of how Reno could change into a city after God’s own heart.


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